Oral Systemic Balance in the management of head and neck pain

It is not uncommon for people with sleep-related breathing disorders to have a significant amount of head and neck pain. People with these combined problems, have a double whammy in getting good sleep. Not only are they fighting for air during sleep and sleeping fitfully because of difficulty breathing, they have the added burden of having their pain disturb their sleep as well.

Oral Systemic Balance, a therapy developed by Dr. Farrand Robson, has the ability to deal with both of the above issues at the same time. The patient featured below is a fibromyalgia sufferer. Most people with fibromyalgia sleep poorly for the reasons mentioned above. I am most grateful for her in allowing me to video her appointment at which we placed an Oral Systemic Balance orthotic on her lower teeth. Her consent in allowing this video to be shown on this website will hopefully help many people understand the tremendous amount of pain relief that can be accomplished with Oral Systemic Balance therapy.

Again, I want to express my appreciation for this patient’s willingness for this video to be shown and my gratitude to Dr. Robson for his guidance. I feel very strongly that his work is groundbreaking. For more information on this website about Oral Systemic Balance therapy, go here.