Test Yourself

How Rested Do You Feel?

Being able to test yourself is an easy way to determine if additional tests need to be taken without wasting time.

There are professional tests that determine if you have sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, but sometimes these can be inconvenient or expensive. Many people are more comfortable getting these tests after they are certain that they are necessary. After testing yourself, you are more knowledgable concerning your own well being and can give more precise information to a doctor.

Home Diagnosis

Tests involving sleep recorders called Watch PATs are convenient to use in the home and can be extremely informative. Not only are these tests used to determine what symptoms are occurring, but they are also used to confirm that treatment is working once prescribed.

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Sleep Suffocation Test

Are you suffering from sleep suffocation? Take this test to see if you are showing symptoms and patterns of this disorder. If this test comes back positive, set up an appointment with Dr. Lawler to pursue treatment.

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Common Related Symptoms

Problems during sleep can cause an array of problems that trouble you when you are awake. Check out this list of symptoms that can be associated with sleep disorders. By comparing what you are experiencing with this list, you can have a better idea of what may be going on and how best to treat it.

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Sleepiness Quiz

Just how tired are you? It is hard to judge exactly how sleep deprived we are without answering the proper questions. Take this quiz to find out how much sleep you are missing out on, and what you can do to treat this situation. Your first step towards a good night’s sleep starts now!

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