Combination Therapy

Multiple therapies working together can sometimes produce an effect that one therapy is not capable of creating alone.

At The Center for Sound Sleep, our guiding principles are managing sleep-related breathing disorders to the extent that our patients will let us. This means that we attempt to get the number of respiratory events so low that our patients have virtually no negative effects from their disorder.

In order to accomplish our goal of complete management, it is sometimes necessary to blend therapies. This can mean blending oral appliance therapy with CPAP or blending oral appliance therapy with surgery. We work closely with our patients to manage their disorders to the level of each patient’s commitment to treatment.

Most of those lucky few CPAP users who are able to use the device all night and every night, have their disorders well managed. Many oral appliance therapy users also fit into this category. However, a significant number of part-time CPAP users, patients who have used surgery as a treatment and some oral appliance therapy users still have a significant number of respiratory events.

Our goal is to reduce average respiratory events to less than five per hour. Studies show that medical consequences of sleep suffocation virtually disappear at this level.

Hybrid Therapy
Hybrid therapy uses a combination of oral appliance and CPAP. This therapy eliminates the mask since the air supply is connected to the oral appliance. Oral appliance allows much lower air pressures to be used. As a result, more patients find this method acceptable.
Oral Appliance / Surgery
By itself, surgery will rarely get patients to a completely acceptable respiratory event index of fewer than five per hour. However, combining surgery with oral appliance therapy can often provide a very significant reduction in unmanaged respiratory events. We work closely with local ear, nose and throat surgeons to enhance the quality of our patients’ lives


Learn About How Oral Appliance Therapy can help on its own and in combination with other treatments.