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What Keeps You From Sleep?

Learn more about common sleep conditions and symptoms like snoring, sleep apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome, and TMJ that prevent quality refreshing sleep.


Approximately 20 percent of the adult population snores, rising to 60 percent of men above the age of 40. Though many consider snoring to be just a nuisance, it can actually be a symptom of a much more serious condition that can cause severe health problems if not treated. It is imperative to find out if your snoring is part of a larger problem as soon as possible.

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Sleep Apnea

Also known as sleep suffocation, sleep apnea is one of the most undiagnosed disorders in modern medicine. Sleep suffocation affects, to varying degrees, 17 percent of adults between the ages of 30 and 69. Their bodies experience periodic bouts of suffocation and highly reduced levels of oxygen throughout the night, putting serious strain on the body.

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Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome

Upper Airway Respiratory Syndrome is commonly known as severe snoring, but the sounds being made by the body are not inherent to the diagnosis. In actuality, this syndrome is a result of the body needing to exert extra work to pull air into the lungs and can prevent someone from getting rest or result in other health problems.

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome - Learn More

Chronic Pain

Pain and sleep are not good bed partners! Pain makes sleep more difficult while lack of sleep makes pain less tolerable while awake. What is almost always missed by health care practitioners is the connection between difficulty breathing during sleep (snoring and sleep apnea) and chronic head (including TMJ) pain, headaches and migraines, neck and shoulder pain. The common source of these seemingly separate symptoms? A narrow upper airway space.

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