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Sleep Disorders

You are not alone.

Millions of adults suffer from sleep disorders.


TMJ pain is often called "the great impostor" because TMJ symptoms can often radiate far away from the source of the problem.

Common symptoms include

  • Pain behind the eyes or ears
  • Pain in the forehead, temple, or jaw
  • Popping and cracking when opening and closing your mouth/jaw
  • Restriction in opening and closing the jaw
  • Pain in the jaw joint when chewing

TMJ and Sleep Disorders

Although TMJ may be caused by trauma or other issues, a narrow upper airway space is often traced to TMJ pain . The body clenches the jaws during sleep and often during the day in an attempt to keep the airway space behind the tongue open. This chronic muscle tension in the jaw can lead to TMJ pain.

Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder

TMJ dysfunction and pain can be resolved with specially designed, comfortable dental orthotics.

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